These gorgeous 'Sofia' GIVE A POM slippers are all handmade in a small workshop in Greece. The outer is made of natural wool from a white sheep. The pattern is a combination of black and light pink with white stitching on the edge and a glorious multi-coloured pompom.

Sofía is named after one of the employees in the studio who stitches the authentic patterns onto the slippers by hand. 

Materials used 

Lining: sheeps wool
Exterior: natural sheeps wool
Decorative stitching: mix of wool and acrylic yarns
Pompom: mix of wool and acrylic yarns
Sole: veg tanned leather

A little bit of size advice 
The slippers fit like your shoe size. They may be a little bit tight at first, but they soon mould to your foot.

Sizes - Pre order size 39/40 will be with us end of November. 

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