We love Goodwash as not only do their products give you a good wash but, as a social enterprise they also help to do good by improving the lives of people and animals across local communities in Wales. 

For those of you who love to be active this unisex sports body wash uses guaiac wood, bay leaf and geranium, bringing a warm and peppery blend with a fresh citrus zing to your post-workout shower.

Created in Wales, UK, with only the finest, natural, ingredients from our land and sea. 

Natural, free from Sulphates and Paraben, SLS FREE and SLES FREE, their luxury, natural hand lotion is also both Cruelty FREE and VEGAN accredited. 

All the packaging is fully recycled and recyclable. 

Size: 250ml and 60ml 

Not only do they do things for humans they also have a dog wash too. 

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