We love Goodwash as not only do their products give a good wash but, as a social enterprise they also help to do good by improving the lives of people and animals across local communities in Wales.

Goodwash Woofwash includes natural, essential oils, lavender, rose geranium and tea tree oil and, will leave your dog clean, calm and smelling tip top. 

Chemical free, important for dogs who suffer from sensitive skin, they also add a touch of lavender, which not only helps calm your dog during bath times, but also acts as an antibacterial agent for the skin and paws, ensuring your pup is clean from infections after a muddy walk.

And if you’re pushed for time, why not jump in with your canine friend? Goodwash Woofwash is suitable for humans too.

Created in Wales, UK, with only the finest, natural, ingredients from our land and sea. 

Natural, free from Sulphates and Paraben, SLS FREE and SLES FREE, their luxury, natural hand lotion is also both Cruelty FREE and VEGAN accredited and suitable for sensitive skin. 

All the packaging is fully recycled and recyclable. 

Size: 500ml, 250ml and 60ml available  

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