Owning a dog can sometimes make the home a bit whiffy so we wanted a candle that helped to combat this and ensure it was totally natural and gentle for your pups nose.

Octō's Midnight Breeze candle is a rich and powerful scent. Combining the sweet scents of rose geranium, the earthy shades of patchouli and woodsy Vetiver.

Vetiver is believed to be very grounding, calming and stabilizing. Rose geranium enhances feelings of positivity and calmness and Patchouli is a calming scent that provides numerous health benefits.

Octō candles are all handmade in the UK by Ieva & Francois in small batches. They are 100% natural and vegan. Made with soy wax, 100% natural essential oils (no artificial fragrance oils) and cotton wicks you won't find any synthetic or chemical nasties.

Fantastic burn times - we recommend short bursts of burning as the smells linger long after the candle is out. 

Packaging is 100% recyclable 

Sizes: 180 ml & 500 ml & 56ml travel candle. 

An absolute staple for the home and you'll always find them burning in our shop. 


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