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Waves scarf is an ombre stripe design in navy and dark oak with sky blue, burnt orange highlights and many tones between. Inspired by the Peacock Butterfly with its spectacular pattern of eyespots. These evolved to startle or confuse predators and make it one of the most easily recognised and best-known species. It is these wing markings, in the amazing colours of Summer and Autumn combined that we tried to capture in this stripe.

The scarf is designed at Quinton Chadwick's studio where they knit the pattern swatches and put the colours together, trialing many different combinations.

This multi-coloured scarf will keep fresh year after year. It is a normal scarf length and looks great with Coats, Jackets or just a jumper on warmer Winter days.

100% Lambswool Dimensions 200cm x 25cm

Lightly felted for extra softness.

Made In Scotland with extra fine lambswool spun in Yorkshire.

About Quinton Chadwick

Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick use British mills for their yarn supplies, always 100% natural and biodegradable fibres. Mostly Lambswool or Merino and they also use Recycled Cashmere when it is available. They like to combine traditional knitting techniques with new technology to make a more sustainable product. Their seamless hats and cut edge scarves are cleverly designed to ensure there is zero yarn waste in the production process. 

Today QUINTON CHADWICK products are recognised for their unique colour combinations; their modern take on traditional patterns, the sustainability of their British production and the quality of their craftsmanship.

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