We all know how much it rains in the UK so we've searched for that thing you can throw on and transport easily just in case it rains. Well its a poncho that is 100% waterproof, they even have taped seems - perfect for dog walking, cycling and just being out and about. 

Rainkiss are a brilliant environmentally conscious brand. They take old bottles and single-use plastic and turn it into a fabric that is 100% recycled RPET, a strong, durable and recyclable material that is made into water resistant ponchos. It takes 20+ Recycled PET bottles for every Rainkiss rain poncho and the fabric is 100% Oeko-tex certified recycled polyester.

Rainkiss rain ponchos are easy to carry, easy to wear and offer an inclusive one-size fits all design. Big or small, Rainkiss rain ponchos will fit and look great. This one is a unisex  camouflage.

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