YOKO is a healthy dog food brand, conscious about nutritional foods for dogs.  Barkened were seriously impressed at how much they care about where food comes from, how it is made, and who it goes to.

Their dog treats are dehydrated to retain as much of the nutritional value as possible, they contain no added sugar or additives.  All ingredients are responsibly sourced, organic and gluten-free.

Their Mixed Treats Box includes four packs of treats.

Spinach Biscuits are full of responsibly sourced organic spinach which act as a natural source of iron and antioxidant vitamins.  They also contain coconut oil which can improve skin and coat.

Kale & Seaweed Biscuits offer a healthy alternative to treat time.  They contain an additional supplement of salmon fish oil which contains omega-3 fish oils to promote a healthy skin & coat condition.  These treats also contain nutrient-rich spirulina as a source of B-vitamins.

Salmon & Sweet Potato Biscuits are a popular treat for fish lovers.  As they are dehydrated they do not have a strong smell.  Salmon & linseed contain omega-3 oils to promote healthy skin & coat condition, while the addition of dandelion is known to support renal and urinary health. 

Carrot & Turmeric Biscuits offer a nutritious treat with added turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.  These treats are enriched with omega-3 flaxseed oils to promote a shiny coat.

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