Fine Little Day



This vase KROKUS, is exclusively designed for Fine Little Day, and is a beautiful organic bell-shaped sculpture. Designed by Kristine Thenman she connects her various art-making skills together with ceramics. 

Krokus vase is crafted from porcelain clay and looks lovely with or without flowers in it, The pointed leaf-shaped edge allows stems to rest between the leaves. Arrange it in a group with several sizes or place on its own. It comes in its own exclusive gift box.

Available in small 12cm height 

Making is key to Fine Little Day they proudly produce this product in a renowned porcelain factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, run by the Hang family, with a Danish company as co-owners. Supported by the Danish government, their production meets international labor standards, offering safe environments, insurance, health programs, and empowering opportunities for Vietnamese women.

About Fine Little Day

One of our favourite brands at Barkened . A swedish based lifestyle design company they work with independent artists and small scale producers around the world to create truly wonderful unique pieces for your home. They stand for environmentally friendly products with high artistic quality. Everything is really well made and designed to stand the test of time. 

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