Quinton Chadwick



We have managed to get a very small number of this beautiful super soft Quinton Chadwick, 100% extra fine lambswool jumper.

This unique design is based on retro nordic patterns. Coastal group is inspired by the Suffolk seaside, the harbour boats and marine chandlers with their super bright orange colour pops contrasting with the glinting klein blue and deeper inky tones of the sea

The jumper is so soft and the yarn is of such great quality because it is spun and dyed in Scotland using water from the local Loch Leven which is known for its purity and softness, this water is then cleaned and returned ensuring the precious [wildlife brown salmon and pink footed geese ] are preserved in this beautiful RSPB nature reserve.

The yarn goes to the nearby small family run Mill that knits the sweaters one at time and hand finishes them, using traditional Scottish skills and patterns reinterpreted with our modern design and zero waste sustainable approach.

This attention to detail and time honoured craftsmanship will ensure the sweater lasts a lifetime and hopefully will be loved, kept and passed on like an heirloom.


Small - chest 51 cms measured flat front only and 102 cms full circumference / length 56 cms

Medium - chest 54 cms measured flat front only and 108 cms full circumference / length 60 cms

Large - chest 58 cms measured flat front only and 116 cms full circumference / length 62 cms

Model is a size 8 and wears a small.

About Quinton Chadwick

Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick use British mills for their yarn supplies, always 100% natural and biodegradable fibres. Mostly Lambswool or Merino and they also use Recycled Cashmere when it is available. They like to combine traditional knitting techniques with new technology to make a more sustainable product. Their seamless hats and cut edge scarves are cleverly designed to ensure there is zero yarn waste in the production process. 

Today QUINTON CHADWICK products are recognised for their unique colour combinations; their modern take on traditional patterns, the sustainability of their British production and the quality of their craftsmanship.

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