Shepherd of Sweden



If your dogs are anything like ours then burying themselves in a sheepskin is something that they love to do. So, we spent a long time searching for good quality Sheepskin that would work for homes with dogs and one you could wash to boot. 

Shepherd of Sweden is inspired by nature, they are a family run firm who have been working with all things 'sheep' for over 70 years, making sheepskin goods to an exceptional standard and because they work out of their own factories in the UK and Europe, they are able to also ensure that everything is done in a socially responsible manner. 

Shepherd Ella sheepskin is handcrafted as a whole single sheepskin measuring 100cm x 60cm, rather than lots of sheepskins sewn together. It can also be washed on a cool wool wash and naturally hung to dry making it perfect for a dog bed or on the sofa. Just be sure to air dry rather than pop on direct heat. 

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